Tommy hilfiger v/s Calvin Klien

19 November 2020 ❤ 3
Tommy hilfiger v/s Calvin Klien

In this article, we will compare several factors about TommyHilfiger and Calvin Klein that makes them the most thriving brands.Comparing the employee experience, salary packages, and work environment you can get a better view of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klien.

As reported by the full-time and part-time employees, the comparison clearly depicts that Tommy Hilfiger has a higher rating than Calvin Klein, having 3.7 and 3.4.

The career opportunities at Tommy are also betterhaving a rating of2.9 while Calvin has only a rating of 3.4

As far as compensations are concerned both brands are equally good.

The work-life balance according to the employees of both the companies are also better at Tommy with a rating of 3.5 while Clavin only had a rating of 3.1

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Keep it up the good work!

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You guys have helped me a lot in deciding which brand is good or which one is bad.

By Julie, 11 Oct 20


Whenever I was thinking of the best brands wachatrade comes up in my mind as it has provided me a lot of information.

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