A Staple Outfit

21 February 2021 ❤ 5
A Staple Outfit

Everyone should have at least one basic but trendy outfit, and it doesnt necessarily have to abide by gender stereotypes or rules. So what is this basic but necessary outfit: A white tee, jeans and white shoes. Its as simple as that, it's unisex and does wonders in any situation.

A basic white tee: Can go with anything, is versatile and just looks great

Jeans: Now jeans are hard to find, but once you find the perfect pair you are set and can make any outfit look great!

White shoes: similar to a white tee it goes with anything and just adds a bit of flair to your outfits

By I. Bey

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nice guidance

thanks for updating me with the color of the shirts i need to buy.

By sheena, 15 Jan 21


Try to update it!

By Julie, 09 Oct 20