Trendy Pants

26 November 2020 ❤ 4
Trendy Pants

Nowadays stripe pants are in fashion. There is a trend of wearing stripe pants usually on bridal sowers.Both men or women, teenagers are loving these geans. Available in different colors. Usually, the common color is black which looks classy.
You can also call them black lounge suit.

There are different ways of wearing stripe pants. You can wear them with different or colorful T-shirts. You could go with orange, green, white, creamy, blue, off-white, blue, navy since they all look good with blue. White could be your safest go-to shirt if you don't want a very bold look. Combining this outfit with a tucked-in shirt and denim jacket makes the whole look very flattering.

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nice guidance

thanks for updating me with the color of the shirts i need to buy.

By sheena, 15 Jan 21


Try to update it!

By Julie, 09 Oct 20