Review of an e-Commerce site

13 August 2020 ❤ 7
Review of an e-Commerce site

You can shop at any time by sitting on your sofa in the present day. Buying online is very easy. You need to open a site where you can find your product and order it. E-Commerce sites are spreading at a very rapid rate.
A way or activity through which one can buy and sell online electronically over the internet is called an e-Commerce site. It is a way of selling physical products online. Not only this, but any transaction is facilitated through the internet.
Many businesses are becoming successful, and e-Commerce plays a significant role in accomplishing it. Shopify is an e-Commerce site, amazon, Alibaba, and many more like these. People get confused about what is the difference between a simple business website and an e-Commerce website. So, here in this table, you can check.

Ecommerce Website

Business Website

It is a site through which you can buy or sell.

It is the place where companies describe their businesses.

Ecommerce sites work pretty much like physical stores.

People contact the companies directly in case they want to make business deals.

You can buy, pay, and place an order at the same time-no need to call any human.

Companies provide information to the user who wants to know about their products.

Pros of an e-Commerce website:

Low cost

No time limitation

You can operate it from anywhere

Measuring scales

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I wanted to buy cloths for my husband. thanks

By sheela, 27 Jan 21


I was in search of sites that are providing clothes for men. Thank you for providing me the names.

By Joshh, 09 Oct 20

Shopping Sites

The brand list that is given there has really helped me a lot in choosing from where I should buy.

By El Hopper, 30 Sep 20


I think we all know about amazon already really ?

By Adam Everet, 08 Aug 20