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When it comes on the America's most popular clothing store you might have heard the name of Zara as well. Zara was formed on 1975 in Spain coastal city of A Corua, and now Zara is operating in 88 countries with almost 2220 stores. Per year Zara produces over 250 million items in all of its categories. Zara is equipped with rapid fashion, that provides their customers with new standardize, attractive and responsible fashion in the market.

Zara started its international expansion in 1988 through Portugal and entered in the US In 1990. And thus it international expansion started and since then they havent stop expanding their business. Zara even launched their online boutique, and it is now international. Zara had been providing ripped jeans, sweaters, pants, t-shirts etc. Zara was ranked 30 in the global best brands. The have unique styling for men, women, and kids as well, which make them different form others.

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I wanted to buy cloths for my husband. thanks

By sheela, 27 Jan 21


I was in search of sites that are providing clothes for men. Thank you for providing me the names.

By Joshh, 09 Oct 20

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The brand list that is given there has really helped me a lot in choosing from where I should buy.

By El Hopper, 30 Sep 20


I think we all know about amazon already really ?

By Adam Everet, 08 Aug 20