Lilly Becker is searching in dating apps

28 January 2022 ❤ 3
Lilly Becker is searching in dating apps

After Lilly Becker separated from her husband Boris in 2018, she is now ready to begin anew relationship. The 44-year-old is currently trying her luck on dating apps.

Lilly Becker tried a dating app for the first time in November with a friend. As she explains to the Daily Mail , she noticed that evening how much the lockdown was affecting her. "I love nothing more than putting on a dress and heels, going out for drinks and flirting. I miss flirting," says Becker.

"If you just mention tennis, I'll swipe left"

She decided to search the singles market and download an app. After her separation from ex-husband Boris she said needed time alone,but now is ready to trysomething new.

However, the initiialexperiencewasnot particularly successful, said the 44-year-old.

She had the same conversations over and over again until she finally found a man who interested her more. But when they met for a walk in the park, the big disappointment followed: Oppositeto what wasstated on his profile, the man is said to have been just as tall as her 11-year-old son Amadeus.

Becker has clear ideas about her dream partner: she has no particular visual preferences, but the height of men is important to her. In terms of character, he must be faithful and self-confident. But one of the most important requestsfor the model: He shouldn't play tennis. "If you just mention tennis, I'll swipe left," she clarifies.

Ultimately, she has not yet found great love on the apps . A man was not ready for a serious relationship, another sat on a bouquet of flowers he had brought with him, another lied about his age and made himself 9 years younger.

Becker saysthat she would generally recommend the dating app - if you want to laugh your ass off with your friends about disastrousdating stories.

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