Makeup Hacks For Beginners

26 August 2020 ❤ 0
Makeup Hacks For Beginners

Doing makeup on your own is not an easy task, but on the other nor that difficult. Here we are with different makeup hacks for those who have just started applying makeup and are finding difficulties. Try on these hacks, and you will thank us because this will change your life.

  • Powder your lashes

Increase the volume of your lashes, apply mascara on them, after applying it dust your lashes with a coat of translucent powder and then again apply a coat of mascara. See how easy it is, and your lashes look thicker.

  • Applying concealer

Always try to apply concealer in a triangular shape on the dark circles.

  • Take your time when putting on false eyelashes.

Most of the girls try to put the lashes when the glue has not dried up properly. Wait for 30-40 sec and then apply falsies.

  • Eyeshadow as eyeliner

If you dont have eyeliner at the moment and you are in a hurry, just apply black eyeshadow as an eyeliner.

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